Danka is a Certified Personal Trainer with an emphasis on assessments and corrective
strategies aimed at preventing injuries, addressing dysfunctions in the body and
improving overall function and quality of life. She is a Level 1 certified NeuroKinetic
Therapy (NKT) practitioner. NKT is a practice that employs the use of manual muscle
testing techniques to assess an individual and determine the underlying cause of any
injury or pain.

As a personal trainer, Danka’s interests lie in injury prevention and management
through means of a well structured and balanced exercise program. These interests
stem from her personal experiences of having dealt with injury and chronic pain,
leading to the development of a strong passion and desire to help those who find
themselves in the same situation.

Danka’s aim is to get people moving and feeling better both physically and mentally.
It is her belief that everyone is capable of achieving their full potential and her goal is
to help those who feel stuck and unsure of what steps to take next. She seeks to help
people improve their health and well being and maintain it for years to come.