The New Year Approaches!

Howdy all! Hope you’ve been keeping busy.

I’ve got some exciting news to share: along with working out of Torque Barbell I am now also working at Avalon Fitness Club which is located at 800 Islington Avenue in the William F White building. Both gyms are fantastic environments but strongly contrast each other. I’m glad to offer training at both locations and I still do in-home training in Etobicoke (for now)

As always, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Stay safe and remember your goals as you delve into the next week or so of celebration. If you keep your goals in mind, then it’s easy to stay on track. My goal is to keep plugging away at Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Chek Practitioner Level 2. Body goal is to get stronger and put on some muscle!

That’s all from me for now! Merry Fitness!

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