Margot's amazing transformation.

Margot’s amazing transformation.

I first met Klaud after making the decision to get in better physical condition so that I could fully enjoy my retirement. I explained that I was recovering from a torn rotator cuff muscle, so any fitness program would need to be mindful of this injury.  We agreed on some short and long-term goals which included nutrition changes, muscle strengthening to support my shoulder and improve my mobility.  And so began my regimen of 3 times per week sessions with Klaud.


My short term goal was to improve my mobility and stamina so that I could fully enjoy a planned trip to Machu Picchu.  I needed to be comfortable at high altitude, agile enough to avoid sprains or falls and be able to carry my luggage and maneuver through foreign airports and hotels.

There was nothing easy about the activities that Klaud assigned however the results were clearly evident. He always explained and demonstrated the correct form for each exercise and used positive reinforcement to keep me motivated.  By the time I left for my trip, I had lost 10% of my body weight, my shoulder injury had healed and the surrounding muscles were strong enough that I shouldn’t experience that type of injury again.  While in Peru I was easily able to navigate the stone streets and steps at the high altitudes without any negative side effects.   Short term goals met!


I continued to work with Klaud on my return, next goal was further weight loss, improved cardio and overall strength.  I had a two week SCUBA diving trip booked and I wanted to have the best possible experience.  Klaud changed up the activities,  we revisited my diet plan and kept on working together.  End results, the best dive trip ever.  Friends and family easily recognized my improved strength and significant weight loss.


Klaud has introduced me to various books and websites that have beneficial information specific to me.  He has designed workout routines for me to use while I’m travelling.  These are geared specifically towards weight management so that I can enjoy a few indulgences while I’m away.
That’s what I appreciate most about Klaud, I tell him what’s important to me and he develops a program to make sure I will succeed.   Thanks Klaud, you’re the best!