Are you ready to invest in yourself and make a change? Are you ready to feel the best you’ve ever felt? Do you finally want to achieve your goals?

I’m here to get people amazing results, so I’m accepting only very motivated people. This means we exercise together a minimum of 2x a week and that you’re open to me helping you with dietary and lifestyle changes.

My main base of operations is OTC Toronto located at 222 Islington Avenue # 270 (2nd floor) – Toronto, ON M8V3W7 – Parking is located off of New Toronto Street on Toffee Ct

I also work out of Torque Barbell and Avalon Fitness in Etobicoke. I can also work on location and in client homes depending on proximity and equipment available.

If you’re the type of person that is motivated to start now and achieve their goals, please email┬áin order to book a consultation today. If you’re the type to procrastinate, I’d recommend still emailing me at so you can work on bettering your future starting now.

Rates and Services:


60-75 Minute Goal Setting/ Initial Consultation – Complimentary

Per Session Fee – $95 – Minimum 10 Sessions

Starting February 30th 2018 – $120 per session minimum 10 Sessions

Nutritional Coaching Session Fee – $100

Full-body Assessment and 4 Week Written Corrective Exercise/Rehab Plan with 1 session included for free – $250

Single/Tune-up session (Not recommended for beginners) – $150

Email to get started today