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Running a marathon, and in particular qualifying for the Boston Marathon, was on my “bucket list” of things to do after turning 45. After a disappointing first marathon attempt, I knew that I needed to work on improving my overall body strength and reduce my body fat composition in addition to running additional miles if I was going to improve my time enough to qualify for Boston.

After giving it some thought, I decided that in addition to getting a running coach that it would be a good idea to join my local gym and find a personal trainer to help me with a strength program. In our first meeting, Klaud listened attentively to my goals and where I currently stood in relation to those goals. He developed a tailored strength and mobility program that he adjusted along the way based on the changing status of my knee injury. Within a month, I was back to running as well as doing strength training in the gym twice a week.

The strength program that Klaud put together really impressed me. Klaud’s program was specifically tailored to build the muscle strength and endurance that a marathon requires. Having been out of the gym for 20 years, I initially felt a bit intimidated but Klaud did a great job in demonstrating and cueing to make sure that my form was good and pretty soon I was feeling confident. In addition to providing positive encouragement in the gym, Klaud also offered useful suggestions on nutrition to help with reducing my body fat composition. Implementing his suggestions along with hard work in the gym resulted in noticeable changes. There is nothing better than feeling light on your feet while running long distances!

Four months later, I completed the 2014 Tallahassee Marathon in a time of 3:42 which was 13 minutes faster than the Boston qualifying standard for my age group. The icing on the cake was winning my age group (women 45-49)! During the whole race but especially in the last 10km where I had struggled so much in my first marathon just 9 months earlier, I felt very strong. I had shared three goals for this race with Klaud when we first met in the fall of 2013: qualify for Boston, run under 3:45 and enjoy the race. It was a great feeling to have accomplished them all!

Nancy's Story

Personal Training New Toronto

I first met Klaud after making the decision to get in better physical condition so that I could fully enjoy my retirement. I explained that I was recovering from a torn rotator cuff muscle, so any fitness program would need to be mindful of this injury. We agreed on some short and long-term goals which included nutrition changes, muscle strengthening to support my shoulder and improve my mobility. And so began my regimen of 3 times per week sessions with Klaud.

My short term goal was to improve my mobility and stamina so that I could fully enjoy a planned trip to Machu Picchu. I needed to be comfortable at high altitude, agile enough to avoid sprains or falls and be able to carry my luggage and maneuver through foreign airports and hotels.

There was nothing easy about the activities that Klaud assigned however the results were clearly evident. He always explained and demonstrated the correct form for each exercise and used positive reinforcement to keep me motivated. By the time I left for my trip, I had lost 10% of my body weight, my shoulder injury had healed and the surrounding muscles were strong enough that I shouldn’t experience that type of injury again. While in Peru I was easily able to navigate the stone streets and steps at the high altitudes without any negative side effects. Short term goals met!

I continued to work with Klaud on my return, next goal was further weight loss, improved cardio and overall strength. I had a two week SCUBA diving trip booked and I wanted to have the best possible experience. Klaud changed up the activities, we revisited my diet plan and kept on working together. End results, the best dive trip ever. Friends and family easily recognized my improved strength and significant weight loss.

Klaud has introduced me to various books and websites that have beneficial information specific to me. He has designed workout routines for me to use while I’m travelling. These are geared specifically towards weight management so that I can enjoy a few indulgences while I’m away. That’s what I appreciate most about Klaud, I tell him what’s important to me and he develops a program to make sure I will succeed. Thanks Klaud, you’re the best!

Margot's Story

Personal Training New Toronto

For a while I have been experiencing symptoms of being overweight: short of breath, high blood pressure, fatty liver, joint pain, insomnia and feeling tired and without energy. Luckily, I have met Coach Klaud and he designed a training program suited to my needs and goals. That included training one hour three times a week, diet and schedule advice. The results came fairly quickly, which kept me motivated during the program. After about six months I have lost 35 lbs, shaved 6” of my waistline, achieved better than normal blood pressure and feeling healthy, highly energetic and at least ten years younger!

Calin's Story

Personal Training New Toronto

My name is Beau and I’m a 23 year old firefighter. I’ve always been active and athletic and grew up playing and training for hockey. But when I finished hockey my training and fitness level went downhill and I didn’t have much knowledge of training other than exercises I did with my hockey teams but there was no repetition and I didn’t feel like I was getting much out of it. When I got hired on to the fire department, I realized I now had time and money to start taking fitness more seriously. I felt I could do my job okay, but I wanted to be better than okay so I decided to join a gym and work with a trainer to develop knowledge of programs and get started on the right foot.

I started in January with lots of questions about so many different things including proper techniques, training schedules and nutrition. Klaud answered all my questions I had and if he didn’t know the answer for me right away, the next time I saw him it would be one of the first things he’d tell me. Coming in I had never done a deadlift in my life and was scared to as I have a previous back injury. Klaud showed me the proper technique to keep me safe and within 4 months or so I was lifting over 375 lbs, something I never thought I could ever do. I started out with having difficulties just squatting my body weight (185 lbs) now I’m doing that with no problems and upped my strength weight to 255 lbs.

I feel a lot healthier, a lot more fit and look a lot leaner. Both my friends and family have noticed and commented on it which feels great and I really notice a difference myself when my pants that used to fit well, have quite a bit extra room in them now. It has taken dedication and commitment to a healthier lifestyle and Klaud has made it a lot easier for me to start and maintain both through knowledge and encouragement. I also feel like I have the tools to continue on this same path on my own when our training has finished from all I have learned thanks to Klaud.

Beau's Story

Personal Training New Toronto

Klaud is the real deal - he is thoughtful, knowledgeable, hilarious and tough in all of the right measures. Klaud is a master in his field which is evident in the way he coaches - he is extremely attentive and worked with me each session to bring awesome results with my fitness and health. In the past 2 years I have lost a total of 150 pounds and I will continue my journey of health and happiness with the help, friendship and encouragement of Coach Klaud.

Katie P.

Personal Training New Toronto

My husband and I have been working with Klaud for only four months or so and after only a few weeks we knew this trainer was different. He has an insane attention to detail, he knows how to change up workouts based on how we're feeling on a particular day and he has a great sense of humour. He's always paying attention (he doesn't use his cell phone during workouts which is so nice!). We both feel stronger and truly value his process and methodologies. Thanks Klaud! I give you 10 stars! Great experience! :)

Stephanie F.

Personal Training New Toronto

Amazing coach and very knowledgeable in nutrition! My daughter has been seeing him for more than 2 years and I'm so grateful for all that he's done for her. I watched my daughter transform from an overweight, tired, full of pain woman into a young, beautiful, slim, full of energy and positive woman within one year of his training! He has completely transformed her and I'm so grateful for it! Not only did he help her but he has also helped me! He taught her how to properly eat healthy and in return my daughter taught me. I've followed in her footsteps and I've been eating healthy for more than a year now! I am 61 years of age and I have lost more than 50 lbs and I've gone from taking 6 pills for my Type 2 diabetes to 2 pills. My diabetes has been completely controlled and my doctors are completely amazed at my normal blood results. Whenever I went off the path, my daughter would tell Coach Klaud and he would give me support and opinions on what I should do or not. Thank you Coach Klaud for changing the way our family eats and thinks about food and nutrition!

Carmen T.

Personal Training New Toronto

I'm in my fifties and needed to get into a fitness program that I felt safe with. Having had heart surgery the year prior, a knowledgable trainer was necessary for me. Coach Klaud was the perfect choice. He took the time to assess my situation/goals and created a safe and results-oriented fitness plan for me that he adjusts constantly depending on my progress and priorities. I would recommend him anytime.

Sergio C.

Personal Training New Toronto

I have been working with Klaud since November of 2017. I have been on a journey and Klaud has been and continues to be a great guide, support and source of encouragement. He has a great ability to read your body from workout to workout and ensure that you safely progress in your physical development. Klaud's knowledge of the body and its mechanics are self evident in his instruction on safe muscle development. He sure is a stickler on form 😊

Don L.

Personal Training New Toronto

I've worked with Coach Klaud for the past two years and during that time he's helped me completely change my lifestyle. His coaching helped me become pain free from an MVA I had, as well as lose 100 lbs and gain strength. He changed my mindset and taught me how to eat healthy food.

I am now in the best shape of my life and I feel amazing! I couldn't have achieved so much without his constant support and encouragement. Every step he took, every exercise he gave me was on track with my goals and proved to be useful in improving my form and strength.

His ability to adjust his workouts on the spot based on how I was feeling was quite impressing. Every exercise he did with me was explained in great detail and this helped me raise my awareness of my body. He was always honest with me and I trust his judgement 100%.

One of the things I liked most about him is that he's always challenged me and continues to do so. He truly cares for his clients and his passion to help them shows in the amount of time and detail he puts in his training.

I love my new lifestyle! I feel amazing! I'm full of energy, have strength and best of all I'm healthy and fit! And did I mention that I feel 10 years younger? I've never been in better shape. I am so grateful to have met Coach Klaud and for his continuous support and training. I couldn't have accomplished so much without his help.

For those that are reading this...stop thinking about it and just do it! Contact him for I'm positive that he can help you change your lifestyle too!

Joanna L.

Personal Training New Toronto

I’ve worked with Klaud for over a year and he made me discover that working out can be fun. The workout routine that he devised for me was varied and interesting while his wry sense of humor kept me distracted from the pain in the wee hours of the morning to which he agreed in order to accommodate my schedule.

Klaud has a great respect for the human body and one of his joys, as he once told me, is to make people feel good in their skin. This he achieves, by liberally sharing his vast expertise and advice. More than once I have seen him walking up to a complete stranger in the gym, pointing out a better technique of lifting a weight or a better posture to do a squat or a push up.

More than a coach, Klaud is a friend. It is like working out with your best buddy.

Gabriela B.

Personal Training New Toronto

I have been working with Klaud for a few months, I am getting great results with weight training - I'm toning up where I wanted to, my posture and overall fitness level has improved. Klaud is extremely knowledgeable on muscles and anatomy as well as nutrition and has worked with me to develop a customized plan that is getting me the results I was looking for. I was recovering from an arm injury which he has been able to assess and help me properly recover from. Klaud is very client focussed and passionate about health and fitness. I highly recommend him as a coach.

Carolyn S.

Personal Training New Toronto

His support and advice on my weight-loss, nutrition and fitness journey helped turn my life around. Started my year at a size 13 and weighed 175 lbs now a size 7 at 145 lbs. Not only is he dedicated and great at what he does, he's also a wonderful person to be around. Cheers, Klaud! Thanks for all

Nicole A.

Personal Training New Toronto

Training with Coach Klaud has truly been a rewarding experience. His wealth of knowledge and genuine passion for his profession shines through in the dedication he offers to each of his clients. He individualizes each workout session to match the client's goals based on extensive assessments. His personable approach means he is also there to provide continued support on days you don't quite feel up to the challenge. The holistic combination of fitness training and lifestyle coaching he provides has proven invaluable to my journey towards health and well-being. He has certainly pushed me to my own perceived limits, and then helped me realize that I can achieve so much more. A huge thank you to Coach Klaud!

Seul S.

Personal Training New Toronto

Coach Klaud is a very knowledgeable trainer. His experience with weight loss and strength training is top notch. I recommend anyone in the Toronto area to work with Klaud if they are looking to get fit and become healthier!

Brian M.

Personal Training New Toronto

Coach Klaud gets my highest recommendation! Klaud is extremely knowledgeable in the fitness field, with a number of years and accreditations under his belt. The programs that Klaud puts together are fine-tuned to suit every individual client, including detailed and pertinent information on everything from diet to sleep to exercise; he even goes so far as to adapt your program to suit temporary needs and/or situations (e.g.: should you find yourself travelling and away from the gym or from home). He builds and maintains a strong relationship with his clients from day one, going out of the way to contact you between sessions with anything from a friendly message to some extra motivation. He is more than simply a 'trainer', and demonstrates that he truly cares about his clients on a 'friendly' level.

Danica S.

Personal Training New Toronto

Klaud's knowledge and the way he approaches teaching you fitness is phenomenal! Very kind and very professional. Thank you Klaud

Judy L.

Personal Training New Toronto

I have been Training with Klaud for about 6 months,I have seen dramatic difference in my Physique and overall Confidence.He works at your Pace and listen's to your requirements and works accordingly.Very Knowledgeable.I would highly recommend Coach Klaud.

Amrish P.

Personal Training New Toronto

Fantastic! Very knowledgeable. Klaud is helping me turn my health and my body around! Thank you Klaud!!

Angela B.

Personal Training New Toronto

Training with Klaud is a great experience. He truly cares about his clients pushing you each step of the way. It is extremely helpful that he stays in touch between sessions to keep you motivated and on track, providing info on diet and exercises for your day off or while travelling. I highly recommend coach Klaud!

Liliana T.

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