How to achieve lasting results

We’ve all struggled with getting things done. This is a short article on how to create positive change in whatever you choose.

The key is simple really. Too simple. First, you have to find ONE thing that will bring you closer to your goal. Some examples are: eating more quality protein for weight loss, exercising 2x more a week to increase your fitness, or write an article to help more people achieve their goals.

The next step is to put everything else aside. Work on your ONE action item. Implement it for at least two weeks to one month. Then add in another action item. The idea is to not overwhelm your already busy life with tons of changes. This simply doesn’t work. It may work for a week or two, or for 1% of the population, but for everyday people like you and me, one change every two weeks does the trick.

The idea is to take time to build a habit: if you just decide to do something for a week, chances are, as soon as that week is over you will go back to normal. Good things take time. Positive changes take time. In a world where we’re overwhelmed with information and insanely busy, we need to take it back to the basics. One step at a time.

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