Phew! What an intense 2 weeks!

So now I’m officially done my CHEK Practitioner Level 1 Course and have passed my exam. This part of my journey is complete! I’ve been working towards this certification since February 2016 and I’m glad it’s done! The assessments and tests we learned in this course help make me a better coach, which is always the goal. We had a fantastic group and it looks like Chek Practitioner Level 2 is on the horizon in mid-2017!

Right before the final portion of Chek Practitioner Level 1 began, I decided I wanted to get FMS certified. So that’s what I did. I got my level 1 and 2 within the same week. It was intense but the information contained within FMS 1+2 and CHEK Practitioner Level 1 were worth the time and effort!

You can find out more about these two certifications here:

Functional Movement Screen:

CHEK Exercise Coach + Practitioner Level 1:

Now I’m off to sharpen these new skills I’ve acquired!

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