Because it's *still* sick season: Coach Klaud cold routine

Because it's *still* sick season: Coach Klaud cold routine

Hey, I'm Danica! I've been lucky enough to mostly avoid getting sick this winter, but it's not over yet. So instead of spreading germs, I'm spreading some handy information on the cold, and it's influence on colds.


With the cold still coming at us in Canada, it's no surprise that everyone's been getting sick - including us here with Coach Klaud. But there are a few things that we rely on to get back in fighting shape:

Elderberry syrup by SURO: - elderberries were traditionally used in herbal medicine to help fight colds, sore throat, cough and fever.

Throat relief spray by Beekeeper's Naturals: bee propolis has incredible germ-fighting properties, and contains tons of beneficial vitamins, minerals and compounds. 

"Sick Sauce" (scroll down for our recipe!): our own take on a time-tested tonic that boasts a serious immune boost! When a cold sneaks up on us, this is our main go-to, as it's simple to make and is packed full of feel-good, healthy ingredients: 

  • garlic- this stuff is not just good as a typical food ingredient, but also as a medicine! Garlic has been used for centuries to enhance immune function, and its compounds help your system fight germs. The main active compound, allicin, contains sulfur; but given its unstable nature, allicin quickly converts to other sulphur-containing compounds - which are though to give garlic its medicinal properties! These boost some types of white blood cells in the body, giving them a better disease-fighting chance to beat off viruses such as rhinovirus and influenza.
  • raw honey: honey's antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-viral properties help boost your immune system, as well as improve your digestive system! It also helps that sore throat.

  • ginger: ginger is full of immune-boosting benefits! It's antibacterial, so it helps to support your immune system, and is also great for preventing or soothing an upset stomach. As a bonus, it also contains an anti-inflammatory compound called gingerol, which is a natural blood thinner - this may be responsible for relaxing blood vessels.
  • lemon: lemon is packed with vitamin C, a natural antioxidant which can really help boost your immune system, and has great anti-viral and properties. Not to mention, they've got a great, fresh taste!

Not enough punch to it? Try upping the immune boost by adding turmeric, which helps clear out respiratory infections and giving a mega-boost to your overall immunity; apple cider vinegar, which will help thin out mucus and balance the body's pH levels; and cayenne pepper, which will give an extra kick to thinning out that mucus, while bringing your body temperature back down!


Sick Sauce

Think more applesauce than salad dressing. This slurry of get-well ingredients will give your immune system that boost it needs to kick that cold!

- organic lemon(s) -
- raw honey - 
- organic garlic - 
- organic ginger - 
- some turmeric, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper -
(We don't usually measure out our ingredients - just go with what feels best [and what you know you'll actually eat!])


Cut everything down enough to give your blender an easier time - no needs to peel the ginger, and feel free to just throw the lemon(s) in, rind and all!
Toss everything into your blender and go to town - we're looking for the consistency of applesauce, but there's nothing wrong with it being a bit runny (it just makes it harder to eat).
Eat a spoonful or two every once in a while, and those cold symptoms should be gone in no time!

(Bonus step: give your teeth a brush or pop a mint if you don't want to walk around with garlic breath ;) )

(Store in an air-tight container in the fridge; don't keep past 4 days!)

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